Veterans Day Ceremony

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On November 9, 2017 Knippa School held it's Veterans Day Assembly in the Vulcan Gym. Parents & Relative Veterans were recognized during the ceremony for their service to our country. The Uvalde Boy Scouts Troop 277 represented the colors of our American flag. Knippa Student Council did a great job putting the ceremony together for this years guest veterans. We would like to thank everyone who contributed to last weeks Veterans Day event which was a great success.

Basketball Season Kicks Off

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Knippa Basketball Season has kicked off to a good start. On November 8 our Varsity Lady Crusher defeated San Antonio Fox Tech 54 - 26. November 11 the girls got their second win of the season against Dilley 45 - 42. The Varsity boys scrimmage San Antonio Stacey and also played Dilley this passed Saturday but fell short of a victory 61 - 31. Go Crushers!!! For basketball information and game dates please visit the Basketball Athletics at:

Volleyball Area Playoff Game

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On Thursday November 2, 2017 the Varsity Lady Crushers traveled to Luling to play their Area match against Round Top - Carmine. The girls put up a tough fight to a top ranked team, playing five sets. The girls lose in 5 sets.

- RTC 18 - 25
MATCH 2 - RTC 14 - 25
MATCH 3 - KNIPPA 25 - 22
MATCH 4 - KNIPPA 25 - 23
MATCH 5 - RTC 15 - 8

Hailey: 9 kills, 23 assist, 1 ace, 8 digs
Camryn: 12 kills, 6 aces, 3 blocks, 17 digs
Avery: 7 kills, 1 block, 19 digs
Amber: 6 kills, 2 aces, 6 digs
Candace: 1 ace, 17 digs
Nikki: 1 kill, 1 ace, 17 digs
Rylee: 10 digs
Sarah: 11 digs
Kaylin 11 digs

The volleyball girls had a great season only allowing only 6 teams to beat them all season. The Lady Crushers ended their season with an 18 - 12 overall record. Coach Willis is extremely proud of our volleyball girls. Their season was exciting, way to be a Lady Crusher!

Coach Willis / Coach O

Lady Crushers Win Bi-District Playoff Game

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Congratulations to our Lady Crushers on their Bi-District Playoff win against Medina last night. The Ladies won in 3 sets. MATCH 1 - 26 to 24 MATCH 2 - 25-20 MATCH 3 - 25-18.

Hailey 5 kills, 17 assist, 6 digs.
Camryn 14 kills, 2 aces, 7 blocks, 6 digs.
Avery 7 kills, 3 assist, 2 aces, 4 blocks, 9 digs.
Candace 1 ace, 7 digs.

Nikki 2 kills, 2 aces, 1 block, 6 digs.
Sarah 9 digs.
Kaylin 2 digs
Madison 1 dig

Sabrina 3 digs

Thanks to all who came to support the girls. Please visit our Facebook page and district website for information on the next match against Round Top - Carmine.

Coach Willis,

2017 Volleyball Gear Are Now Available

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Get your 2017 upcoming season volleyball gear. All orders are due by May 30, No orders will be accepted after the deadline.

Knippa Tennis Team Dominated The 2017 District 31-A Meet

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The Knippa tennis team dominated the 2017 district 31-A varsity and JV tennis meet held April 3 - 4 to win 4 team championship plaques and advance nine varsity players to the regional meet.  In the varsity boys' singles divisions, Ryan Cox won the district title and Carlos Koehl claimed the runner up spot. In varsity girls' singles, Candace Suarez took the district title and McKaia Barnes won the consolation title.  In the varsity doubles competition, Gabby Menchaca and Bethany Keeney won the runner up title in the girls' division. Emily Cortez and Lizandra Figueroa-Silva took the third place medals.  Diego Esquivel and Jason Samarripa claimed the runner up spot in the boys' doubles event. The team of Andrew Rowland and Troy Santos won the consolation title.  In varsity mixed doubles, the team of Dylan DeLeon and Kloe Martinez upset last year's State runner up team from Utopia in the semifinals to qualify to the regional meet as the district second place team. Coby Gass and Chanice Rattler claimed the consolation title in the mixed doubles event.  The Lady Crushers claimed the district girl's team championship with 35 points over runner up team from Utopia and Leakey who earned 17.5 points each.  The Rockcrushers earned 40 points to take the team championship over second place team from D'Hanis with 15 points.  In the JV division, Knippa also won both the girls' and boys' team titles. The girls earned 40 points for first place over D'Hanis with 12 1/2 points as runner up.  The boys earned 25 points to take first over the Rocksprings team who had 15 points.  JV players included Nathalia Figueroa-Silva who won first in girls' singles while Nayelli Avila won second place. Vincent Zavala won first place and Elias Alardin who took second place in boys' singles. David Mehrle finished in fourth place while Chevy Collins took the consolation championship award.  The Knippa entries in girls' doubles swept the division with the first place for Sabrina Maltos and Madison Barkley, second p;ace for Miay Esquivel and Kaylin Nandin, and third place for Destiny DeLeon and Anna Packer. It has been a great regular season for Coach Radicke and Coach Speer who are very proud of what the athletes have accomplished and will be busy getting the 9 first or second place varsity finishers ready for the regional meet set for a April 18-19 in Georgetown. Good Luck KHS tennis players.

Knippa Takes 1st Place In District 31A Academic UIL Meet

posted Apr 3, 2017, 7:46 AM by Joe Cordova

Congratulations to Coach Neel, Knippa staff, & Knippa students for defending the High School Academic District Championship. The district meet was held in Knippa on March 22, the results are:

Calculator Applications
Mason Adams 1st
Rebekah Ramirez 2nd
Tressa Reading 3rd
Vincente Zavala 5th
Team 1st

Current Issues
Coby Gass 4th
Bryce Matthews 10th
Atlee McGuire 14th
Team 5th

Headline Writing
Bryce Matthews

Informative Speaking
Tressa Reading 1st
Atlee McGuire 2nd
Anna Packer 3rd

Mason Adams 1st
Jessica Dong 2nd
Rebekah Ramirez 3rd
Ryan Cox 4th
Team 1st

Number Sense
Mason Adams 1st
Jessica Dong 2nd
Ryan Cox 3rd
Rebekah Ramirez 6th
Team 1st

Persuasive Speaking
Breelee Neel 1st
Erin Garza 4th
Mayia Esquivel 5th

Ready Writing
Jennifer Dong 2nd
Breelee Neel 6th

Mason Adams 1st
Rebekah Ramirez 2nd
Ryan Cox 3rd
Andrew Rowland 11th
Team 1st
Rebekah Ramirez Alternate Biology
Mason Adams Top Chemistry

Social Studies
Coby Gass 4th

Spelling and Vocabulary
Jessica Dong 1st
Jennifer Dong 2nd
Bethany Keeney 4th
Gabby Menchaca 5th
Team 1st

Advancing to regional UIL meet on April 7th at Blinn College in Brenham are the following students.
Mason Adams
Ryan Cox
Jennifer Dong
Jessica Dong
Bethany Keeney
Bryce Matthews
Atlee McGuire
Gabby Menchaca
Breelee Neel
Anna Packer
Rebekah Ramirez
Tressa Reading
Andrew Rowland
Vincente Zavala

Tressa is the first person to go to state in powerlifting in Knippa history.

posted Mar 21, 2017, 1:41 PM by Joe Cordova   [ updated Mar 21, 2017, 1:42 PM ]

On March 18 Tressa Reading competed at the Texas High School Women's State Powerlifting Meet.  Around the state of Texas there were 288 lifters that competed in Tressa's weight class.  Only the top 12 advanced to the State competition in Waco.

Tressa ended up finishing 10th with a combined total of 625 pounds, her best total of the year.  At Waco Tressa squated 265 pounds, bench pressing 135 lbs, and dead lifting 225 lbs.  All three lifts are totaled to give her her 625 pound best.

Tressa's first meet of the year was in San Antonio back in January.  At that meet she lift a combined total of 565 lbs.  Coach King is very proud of of Tressa for her 60 gain throughout the three month lifting season.

Tressa is only a freshman, so she has three more promising years in the sport before graduating from high school.  We look forward to see what Tressa does in the upcoming three years.

Tressa is the first person to go to state in powerlifting in Knippa history.

Reading Qualified for State In Women's Regional Powerlifting

posted Mar 6, 2017, 12:47 PM by Joe Cordova   [ updated Mar 6, 2017, 12:48 PM ]

Tressa Reading qualified and participated in the Texas High School Women's Regional Powerlifting meet on this last Saturday.  Tressa had already qualified for the state meet, but had to still compete at regionals.

The State Women's Powerlifting meet will take place March 17th and 18th in Waco Texas.  She will be competing against other girls in 2A/1A in the state.

This Weeks Senior Spotlight - Jennifer Dong

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Jennifer Dong arrived at Knippa her freshman year. The moments that most stand out as being not only fun, but funny, to her occurred during State UIL meets. She enjoyed the time spent with her teammates. Her fondest memory is winning first place in spelling and vocabulary as a team at the Regional UIL Meet in 2015. She stated, “After all the hours we each contributed studying for the benefit of the team, the sense of triumph and happiness we felt transcended any individual accomplishment.” Jennifer has competed in UIL spelling and vocabulary and UIL ready writing all four years. She competed in volleyball and track her sophomore year, and VASE (Visual Arts Scholastic Event) her sophomore and junior years. She participated in the G/T program her freshman and sophomore years and Student Council her junior year. She is a member of the National Honor Society, as well as Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. She will receive her Associate of Arts degree from SWTJC in May. Outside of school, she has continued taking piano lessons, which she began when she was eight years old. Jennifer placed third individually in spelling and vocabulary at the State UIL Meet in 2015, and her team placed second. She won first place in ready writing at the State UIL Meet in 2016. Her writing was published in the national magazine, Teen Ink, in 2016.  What Jennifer has most enjoyed at Knippa is learning from the “dedicated teachers. I was able to gain a broader understanding of the world.” She is thankful for the academically rigorous curriculum and the opportunity to take college classes while in high school. She will miss the familiar faces of teachers, staff, and classmates that she sees in the hallway each day as well as the classrooms to which she has grown accustomed. She will miss little things, such as crossing the railroad tracks each day and the sound of lockers opening and closing. She will also miss the big things like learning something new to expand her understanding of the world, whether it be Ms. Jerry Radicke’s U.S. history class, biology from Mrs. Rose Cooper, or trigonometry from Mrs. Lory Zimmerman. The advice that Jennifer has for other students is, “Focus on obtaining knowledge because learning can provide a sense of fulfillment to life that nothing else can. You can be anything you want with determination, curiosity, a spirit of inquiry, and discipline. By reading a variety of books and surrounding yourself with diverse perspectives, you can develop a deeper insight into the human experience. There is so much to learn in the world and so many opportunities available to attain that knowledge. Take advantage of every opportunity. Express your individuality and be yourself. Anything in the world is possible with hard work.” Jennifer plans to attend New York University or the University of Texas- Austin and double major in political science and English. Her ultimate goal is to become an international human rights lawyer. Jennifer is the daughter of Xuejun and Connie Dong. Good job, Jennifer, and good luck as you pursue all of your goals.

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