2016 Senior Spotlights

posted May 9, 2016, 1:04 PM by Joe Cordova   [ updated May 9, 2016, 1:19 PM ]

Wyatt Barrow

I have been a student at Knippa for 10 years.  I started here when I was in second grade. I have been involved in track, golf, FFA, and UIL academics, and I have made it to regionals for track and golf, and I made it to state for UIL academics. My funniest experience was pretty much any time we worked on my truck in the Ag shop.
I plan on attending Texas A&M University – Kingsville and majoring in electrical engineering and minoring in mechanical engineering. My advice to younger students is enjoy the playground while you can.  Pay attention.  What you learn now is the foundation for all the classes you will take later.  Good grades equate to good college opportunities.

Crystal Piña

I started school at Knippa as a sophomore, and as of this month, I will have been a student here for 16 months. I have been involved in Child Development, Yearbook, Library Aide, and generally volunteering around the school. The thing I loved most about Knippa was working with the elementary students, especially the pre-k through third graders.  Those students brought me so much joy; every time I saw them, they put a smile on my face. When I graduate, I plan on attending college to pursue a degree a psychology as well as getting a certificate for cosmetology.  My goal is to start young and retire young. My advice for younger students is enjoy your time being young, and be good to your parents and peers.  Do well in school.  This is what your future depends on.  Get involved in school activities; anything and everything looks good on your resume when applying for college. I would like to thank all of the teachers who pushed me to do my best and never doubted me. I want to thank Mrs. Garza for supporting me; thank you for having your ears open when a student needed them; we need more educators like you!  Overall, Knippa is a great school; it has prepared me for the real world and any obstacles I may encounter.

Eusebio Garza

I have been a student at Knippa my whole school life; I began in pre-k here. Some activities that I have been involved in while I was a student at Knippa were playing
basketball and tennis; during those years, I got to play with my friends and make fun memories. I also helped put up the FFA welcome sign people see when they drive into Knippa. Some of my accomplishments include helping around the school, like cleaning the highway with FFA. What I liked most about my time at Knippa was having friends through all the fun and tough times. When I graduate from Knippa, I plan to get my ASE certification in diesel mechanics.  After a few years, I plan to open my own shop. My advice to younger students is make fun memories now because when you graduate, your life begins.

Carly Jimenez

I have been at Knippa for four years.  I was a freshman when I began high school here. I have participated in volleyball, UIL News Writing, golf, One Act Play, Student Council, and I have also volunteered. Some of my accomplishments at Knippa include qualifying for UIL Regionals for News Writing in my junior year, being a part of the bi-district and area champion volleyball team during my senior year, and serving as Student Council vice-president in my senior year. The times I spent with my friends were what I liked most about my time at Knippa.  We made so many memories and laughed so hard we started crying.  My fondest memory was when we took
our senior class pictures on the monkey bars.  We could not stop laughing together, so it took five tries to get a good picture. When I graduate from Knippa, I will miss the close friends I made in the last four years I’ve been here, including my volleyball teammates. I want to thank Ms. Schneider because without her, I wouldn’t be where I am today.  She believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. I will attend the University of the Incarnate Word, and I will major in sports science for athletic training.  I will grow up into the person I want to be. My advice to students entering high school is times may be rough, but don’t forget who you are. Be a leader, and stand up for what you believe in.  Take lots of pictures with friends to keep as memories forever.  Work hard always.  Keep your grades up.  Don’t ever slack off.  Push yourself to do better even when you think you can’t.  Your G.P.A. matters!  Don’t ever try to be something you’re not; you are exactly who you’re supposed to be.

Seth Parry

I have been a student at Knippa since seventh grade. I have been involved in activities such as UIL Calculator Applications, UIL Science, UIL CX Debate, cross-country, and tennis. I have been a state qualifier in tennis, farm business management, and CX Debate.  I will graduate this year with my Associate of Arts degree from Southwest Texas Junior College. My funniest experience at Knippa was when the main building was filled with balloons. My fondest memory at Knippa was when I made it to state competition for tennis. I will miss having my fun art class with Mrs. Sutton when I graduate. When I graduate, I plan to attend Angelo State University and major in computer science. My advice for younger students would be to put in 100 percent effort into everything they do.

Xavier Reyes

I have been a student at Knippa since the fourth grade.  I have been involved with welding projects.  I helped out with the monkey bars in front of the gym and the FFA sign people see when they drive into Knippa. I liked how each and every teacher at Knippa pushed us.  Before I started here, I was 10, and I had never gotten the help I needed.  After I came here, I did so much better and started working hard to try to reach my goals in life. My advice for younger students is never to give up on your dreams.  Always try to get help from a teacher or even a friend who knows more about the subject.  Just never give up because you can do anything if you push yourself.
When I graduate, I will go to junior college for a couple of years; then I will learn how to film for television and movies. When I leave Knippa, I will miss my teachers and all of my classmates because they are just not people I know – they are my second family.

Gian Vigil

I have been a student at Knippa for eight years.  I started going to school here when I was in fifth grade. My funniest experience while I have been a student here is when my friends, Eusebio and Jonathon, and I once brought a lizard back to life. When I graduate, I plan to get my welder certifications and become an entrepreneur by opening
my own business. My advice to younger students would be never take what’s not yours.

Jose Alonzo

The thing I liked most about my time at Knippa was being a part of the tennis program.  The bus rides and competitions were so much fun.  I especially enjoyed having an awesome coach, Ms. Radicke. When I graduate, I plan on attending Texas A&M – Corpus Christi.  My goal is to get a bachelor’s degree in a subject I love and work for an amazing company.  I want to be financially wealthy enough that I can travel the world and experience many different cultures.  I just really want to enjoy the rest of my life. My advice for younger students would be universal.  Live your life to the fullest.  Try new things, but don’t do anything you’ll regret.  Don’t go through life doing something you don’t love.  Go out there, and do what you love, no matter what people tell you.  Always try (and I mean try your hardest) to be happy.  Happiness is key to having a good school experience.  Even if you don’t know the answer, just guess – especially on multiple choice questions.  24 is always C.