2017 Senior Spotlights

posted Mar 1, 2017, 10:49 AM by Joe Cordova   [ updated Mar 1, 2017, 11:04 AM ]

Morgan Sewell

Morgan Sewell is now a Knippa graduate as she was one of two Knippa seniors that graduated early. She began her education at Knippa in 7th grade. Something that Morgan won’t ever forget are the bus rides during her four seasons of high school volleyball. Being both fun and funny, she said, “Every memory is a good one.” She enjoyed being at Knippa because she really got to know everyone. She is thankful for the many genuine friendships that she has made and will most miss “the closeness of the community.” While at Knippa, Morgan has been involved in UIL academic competition from 7th grade through junior year. She participated in OAP during her freshman through junior years. She also competed in track her freshman through junior years and volleyball all four years of high school. Morgan was a member of the cheerleading team her senior year. Among her accomplishments in high school, Morgan received her Associates of Arts degree from SWTJC , along with graduating early. She was also a member of the first volleyball team in Knippa history, as well as the first cheerleading team in recent history. Morgan has received All-District honors in volleyball, including first team selection this year. Morgan has been accepted to Texas A & M- College Station, where she will begin classes this semester. She plans to study biomedical science with “a goal of becoming the best in whatever profession I choose.” The advice that Morgan has for elementary students is to “Stay little; don’t grow up so fast. It isn’t all that.” Her advice to middle school students is as follows: “What you wear to school does NOT define who you are. Don’t stress over the little things.” She tells the high school students, “You are not stressed. You have no idea what stress is yet. Do Not Take High School For Granted!” Morgan would like to “thank Knippa for shaping me into the person I am today and for preparing me for my future. I will forever be a Rockcrusher.” Morgan is the daughter of John Sewell and Patti Sewell. 
Good job, Morgan, and good luck as you continue on in your next journey.

Tiffany Saucedo

Tiffany Nicole Saucedo is now a Knippa graduate as she already graduated mid-year. She began attending Knippa as an 8th grade student.  While at Knippa, the memory that still makes Tiffany smile occurred on the first day of school her junior year. She remembers one of her teachers, Mrs. Alex Gembler, ripping her pants and then having to wear basketball joggers for the rest of the day. To her, it seemed like something that would happen to a student, not a teacher.  Tiffany will most miss playing cards with her class. She advises all younger students “to never give up and try your hardest in all your classwork.” As a student at Knippa, Tiffany has been involved in UIL academics, yearbook, OAP, as well as tennis and volleyball. She was a member of the cheerleading team her senior year. As well as graduating early, Tiffany also received her Associate of Arts degree from SWTJC where she will continue classes this semester to receive her Associate of Science degree in May. She plans to apply to the SWTJC Radiology Program for the 2017 fall semester. Tiffany is the daughter of Juan and Dora Saucedo. Good job, Tiffany, and good luck as you pursue your goals.

Brandon Capeheart

Brandon Capeheart began his education at Knippa as a Pre-K student fourteen years ago. As he reflects back over his years as a student, he thinks that what he will miss the most when he graduates are all of the people- the funny and weird people! While at Knippa, Brandon has competed in tennis, baseball, and powerlifting. He was named the Strongest Man award winner in powerlifting his sophomore year and received All-District Honorable Mention in baseball last year. He is the cheer mascot this year, and he was voted Mr. KHS by the student body for his senior year. He will be graduating with an Associate of Arts degree from SWTJC. Brandon plans to pursue a double major in computer science and business at UTSA. He is the son of William and Jennifer Capeheart. Good job, Brandon, and good luck as you continue on with your education and goals.

Erin O'Connor

Erin O’Connor has attended school at Knippa since 6th grade making this her seventh year as a Rockcrusher. One event that was funny to Erin occurred this year during her art class. They were outside at the pavilion picnic tables when she noticed a small animal crawling across the ground. When it stopped right next to her boot, she realized that it was a bat. It latched onto her boot and, from there, proceeded to run up her pant leg. Erin found it very funny, but her art teacher, Mrs. Dawna Sutton, did not share those feelings. She was “creeped out”, probably making it even funnier to Erin. When Erin leaves Knippa, she thinks she will most miss Mrs. Sutton’s classroom, not the outdoor pavilion-with–bats classroom, but the classroom inside the building. That is the room that Erin thinks of as most comforting and relaxing. While at Knippa, Erin has participated in many extracurricular activities. Academically, she has been active in the gifted/talented program, UIL competition, National Honor Society, and Phi Theta Kappa. Athletically, she has competed in cross-country and track. During cross-country her junior year was when Erin had an exciting accomplishment. She advanced to the state cross-country meet with her team. Making it even more memorable was that it was the first time that the girls and boys Knippa cross-country teams both advanced to state in the same year. Erin will also be receiving her Associates of Arts degree from SWTJC in May. The advice that Erin has for all students, whether elementary, middle school, or high school, is the same: “Study! You do need to make time for family and friends, but you should also make plenty of time for school.” After graduation, Erin hopes to work at Southwest Texas Veterinary Hospital in Uvalde which would provide great experience for her as she ultimately plans to attend veterinary school. In August, she will go to Texas A&M-College Station to major in Biomedical Science. Erin is the daughter of Todd and Carrie O’Connor. Good job, Erin, and good luck as you pursue your goals.



Josiah Neal

Josiah C.W. Neal has attended Knippa for six years, beginning in the 7 th grade. While a student at Knippa, Josiah has appreciated the “good teachers”, which is what he will miss the most when he graduates. He also appreciates that he is able to graduate with an Associates of Arts degree from SWTJC. While at Knippa, Josiah competed in track and UIL academics in 7 th grade and freshmen through junior years. He also participated in OAP his sophomore and junior years. He will be graduating with his AA from SWTCJ. The advice that Josiah has for elementary students is, “Set for the storm!” He tells middle school students, “Brace for the storm!” His encouragement for high school students is, “Onward through the storm!” Josiah plans to enter the United States Army, at the rank of Private First Class, upon his graduation.He is the son of Gregory Joseph Neal and Tonye Lee Neal. Good job and good luck, Josiah, as you pursue your goals, and thank you for your plan to serve our country.

Chanice Rattler

Chanice Rattler has attended Knippa since first grade making this her 12th year as a Rockcrusher. Chanice has enjoyed the Knippa Pep Rallies and the fun activities and friendly competitions that occur during the rallies She loves that Knippa cares about each student’s learning experience and makes students feel welcome and “at home”. She will most miss that “feeling of home” and the teachers to whom she could always go to talk. While at Knippa, Chanice has been very active athletically. She has competed in track, tennis, and cross-country every year and basketball her sophomore year. A major accomplishment for Chanice occurred during her junior year when her cross-country team advanced to state. It was the first time that the girls’ and boys’ teams both advanced to the state cross-country meet together making it even more special. The advice Chanice has for all students is, “Take (your) freshman year seriously.” She adds, “Don’t stress too much, have a little fun, and enjoy your friendships with all of your classmates.” Chanice plans to continue on to college. If not to the colleges to which she has applied, then she will attend SWTJC with plans to transfer after she has finished her basic courses. Chanice is the daughter of Charlie and Jerry Rattler. Good job, Chanice, and good luck as you continue with your goals.

Alexa Smith

Alexa Smith arrived from Tennessee in November of 2015 and quickly became a Rockcrusher. While at Knippa, she has loved being able to lead the pep rallies and watch everyone show their spirit by cheering. She also enjoys the planning and preparation required, as well as working together with friends to make them successful events for the student body. Alexa’s favorite activity has been the cheer team. She is grateful to be the captain of the first cheer team in recent history. She has also been the pep rally MC her junior and senior years. She is active in student council and enjoys planning and decorating for school events. Alexa is a member of the Student Advisory Committee, which is a group that discusses campus improvements. She enjoys being a part of making a positive difference. Alexa is also active in yearbook. Although only here for almost half of her high school years, they are many people that Alexis will miss when she graduates. She will miss Aspen and Amber Williams, both of whom are not only good friends, but also made her feel so welcome and a part of Knippa since day one. She will also miss all of the girls that she cheers with, as well as the cheer coaches, Mrs. Alex Gembler, Miss Rebekah Rodriguez, and Mrs. Michelle Ramsey. She will miss seeing Mrs. Natalie Arias and Mrs. Angela Romo, who along with Mrs. Gembler, helped keep her positive. She’ll miss the art direction from Mrs. Dawna Sutton, who showed Alexa that she really can paint- a hobby she plans to continue. She will also miss visiting with Mrs. Melissa Garza, principal, as Alexa appreciates her willingness to listen. Alexa has some advice for all other grades that she wishes she had when she was younger. Her main advice is, “Stay positive even if everything seems bad.” To that she adds, “Never give up. Don’t forget to make memories. Give yourself credit for what you accomplish. Be kind and don’t forget to smile. Cherish every moment, good and bad, because those moments will define who you become. Lastly, have spirit in everything you do. Go out and be the difference.” Her advice finishes with, “Don’t worry about what people will think; show them you’re from Knippa and proud to be! I know I am proud to be graduating from here. ”When Alexa graduates, she plans to continue her education at SWTJC. She’d like to help others just as others have helped her, including her counselor from Tennessee, Mrs. Huffman, who made a big difference in Alexa’s life. She has also been Alexa’s inspiration to major in psychology.Alexa’s mother is also very important to her. “She is the most selfless person I know. She is not only my role model, but she is also my best friend.” Alexa is the daughter of Jo Smith. Good job, Alexa, and good luck as you pursue your goals. Knippa is glad you came to be a Rockcrusher.