Senior Spotlights for May 8th

posted May 26, 2016, 11:52 AM by Joe Cordova   [ updated May 26, 2016, 11:53 AM ]

Adrian Estrada

I have been at Knippa since 3-k. Some activities I’ve been involved in are tennis, basketball, golf, and One Act Play.  Some of my accomplishments include going to state for tennis twice. What I liked most about my time at Knippa is the teachers and how they want students to be successful. I think I’ll miss my friends the most when I graduate.  I plan on finishing my basics and then studying to be a game designer. My advice for younger students is to manage your time; have fun, and keep your grades up. Don’t mess around and hurt your grades.

Kris Drevlow

I have been a student at Knippa during my senior year of high school. While I have been here, I participated in basketball and golf.  Some of my accomplishments are making it to the playoffs for basketball, earning a spot in the state golf tournament, and keeping good grades.I like how everyone brought me into their group.  On my first day, everyone was trying to help me out; it was crazy, and I can’t thank everyone enough for that.  When I graduate, I will miss how close everyone was and getting to talk with everyone.My plan is to start out at a junior college and figure out what I want to be and then transfer to a four-year school. My advice for younger students is just enjoy your time.  Make friends; go to events; it will end a lot more quickly than you expect.